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  • What is included with the Filtrol?
    The Filtrol unit comes complete with the following: Canister with O-ring Lid Wall Bracket (1) Filter Bag (in unit) Part Bag including: - (1) 3/4" x 1" elbow fitting - (1) 1" x 1" elbow fitting - (1) 3/4" x 1" straight fitting - (2) Hose clamps 5 feet of hose Silicone grease Manual Please note: The homeowner is to supply items needed to mount the bracket to the wall. In most cases, 2 screws are all that is needed. Most homeowners can install the unit within 15-30 minutes.
  • How big is the Filtrol unit?
    The Filtrol is approximately 15” tall, from the top fitting to the bottom, 9″ wide and projects about 8″ from the wall – these measurements do not include the discharge hose from the washing machine or the discharge hose from the Filtrol itself.
  • How do I determine what size fitting I need to install the Filtrol?
    To find out what size fitting you will need to properly install the Filtrol™, measure the inside diameter of your existing washing machine’s drain hose and match that to the size of the fitting. A 1 inch and 3/4 inch elbow fitting will be provided as these are the most common sizes for the discharge hose of residential washing machines. We also offer 1 1/4 inch fittings at an additional fee and can be found here. We do not suggest attaching the Filtrol to a washing machine that has a drain hose with an inside diameter of more than 1 1/4″
  • Where do I mount the Filtrol?
    The Filtrol™ Lint Filter is approximately 15” tall, from the top fitting to the bottom, 9" wide and projects about 8" from the wall. You will not want to install the Filtrol under a low hanging cabinet. We suggest a clearing of 12- 24 inches above the unit, this space will allow plenty of room to remove the filter bag for cleaning and removal of the canister if you desire to clean that as well. If possible, the top of the Filtrol should not exceed 70 inches from the floor. The Filtrol unit should be installed above the drain location, or as close as possible, to prevent water from becoming "airlocked" within the discharge hose. The discharge hose now coming from the bottom of your Filtrol can be routed to a standpipe, laundry tub or wall box. For best draining results, make sure the hose is at no more than a 45 degree angle. The Filtrol can also be hung on the side of a laundry tub (not shown in the example below). For an example of this install please click here. NOTE: Before purchase, we highly suggest to always check your washing machines manual to confirm the suggested drain height as the additional height of the unit (approximately 15") will need to be taken into consideration. Although most machines suggest drain location to be anywhere between 30"-96" from the ground, not all machines are the same.
  • Tell me about the filter bag
    It is a re-usable 100 micron filter bag, made from a welded polyester mesh and should be cleaned out over a garbage container every 1-3 weeks (8-10+ loads of laundry) and will last 1-2 years. Replacement filter bags can be purchased at $13.95 each (there is a small discount when multiples are ordered) and can be ordered here. Most customers prefer to order an additional bag to save on shipping charges and the ability to swap filter bags out easily.
  • Filter Bag Maintenance & Tips
    To prolong the life of your filter bag you will want to make sure you perform proper maintenance regularly. When your filter bag appears to be holding water or dirty you will want to remove it from the canister and discard all fibers and debris into the garbage. Do not rinse with water directly into sink or place in washing machine. See how we suggest to properly clean your filter bag here . Some customers find that it is easier to clean the filter bag once it has dried and the collected debris can be peeled or brushed off into the garbage. Every so often you can give your filter bag a deep clean by taking it to a bucket of warm water with Dawn dish soap and scrub lightly with a soft bristle brush, discarding dirty water into lawn. We suggest no use of fabric softeners, excessive amounts of laundry detergent, scent boosters or essential oils, they can cause a slimy oily residue and restrict the filtering process and require more frequent cleanings.
  • Why are there holes along the top of the filter bag?
    Along the top of the rim of the filter bag you will find 4 oblong holes, these are a built-in bypass system. If there comes a time when you have forgotten to clean your filter bag over a period of time and it has become clogged and is no longer able to filter, the bag will simply fill with water, overflow up and over into the holes and down into the canister, preventing backups and flooding. Of course, you do not want to allow this to happen often as it defeats the purpose of the Filtrol but if cleaning your filter bag has slipped your mind, we have you covered.
  • What do I do with my filter bag when I can no longer use it?
    Currently, there are no sustainable options available for recycling the filter bag or the debris it collects, due to its complexity. Until a better option becomes available, we suggest the filter bag be disposed of in the garbage. We understand this is not the best solution but promise we are always looking for a closed loop option.
  • How do I remove the lid on the Filtrol?
    The lid pulls off, it is not threaded. Release the clips from the lid on both sides and place the palm of your hand on top of the lid and your fingers over the edge of the lid, with pressure on your fingers and pull up on the edge of the lid. Do not pull up on the lip around the canister; this is part of the canister not part of the lid. When the lid has been removed, you can apply a silicone grease lubricant to the O-ring for ease of removing the lid in the future.
  • Lid is stuck; cannot remove it, what can I do?
    Using a flathead screwdriver, find the indentation on either side of where the lid clips are located, and lightly lift to loosen the lid. Do Not force or use a lot of pressure to prevent breaking the lid. Watch this YouTube video to see how to properly remove a stuck lid.
  • How many gallons per minute can the Filtrol withstand?
    The Filtrol can withstand up to 25 GPM, which is well above the average flow rate of most residential washing machines. Refer to your washing machines user manual for your particular model GPM.
  • I have a broken part, is it covered under warranty?
    Our warranty states the following: Filtrol units purchased only from Wexco | Filtrol are warranted for life to be free from material defects and workmanship. Proof of order will be required. If the Filtrol should fail, return it for a full refund or exchange. The refund or exchange, at your choice, is the sole obligation of Wexco | Filtrol under this lifetime warranty, and Wexco | Filtrol will not be held liable for any labor costs or shipping charges. This lifetime warranty does not cover failure due to: improper or faulty installation, abuse, neglect, damage incurred in shipping, modification of the product, causes other than ordinary use, or causes beyond Wexco | Filtrol’s control.
  • My Filtrol is 15+ years old, will the current filter bags work with my unit ?
    To determine if our current filter bags are compatible with your older style Filtrol (also known as the Septic Protector), you will want to look at the lid. If your lid screws onto the canister, our current model filter bag was not made specifically to fit that model. If the lid is held down with 2 metal lid clips on each side, the filter bags we currently sell are made for that model. If you do have a unit that has a screw-on lid, we have heard from customers they are still able to use the current filter bag in this model, the fit just isn't as precise as the original. We took ownership of this product after the remodel and unfortunately have been unable to test this theory.
  • I'm ordering outside of the US, will I be charged additional customs/duty fees?
    Kindly be aware that international orders may incur additional charges, such as customs/duties. Depending on your location these fee's can exceed $50 and it is the recipient's responsibility to cover these fees. Customs will be in contact with you before delivery is set up to collect these addtional fees.
  • Where can I download the Manual & Specsheet for the Filtrol?
    You can download both the Manual and the Specsheet for the Filtrol by going HERE.
  • The Filtrol meets the requirements for UPC/IPC 1003.6 -Clothes Washer Discharge Interceptor
    Clothes washers shall discharge through an interceptor that is provided with a wire basket or similar device, removable for cleaning, that prevents passage into the drainage system of solids 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) or larger in size, string, rags, buttons or other materials detrimental to the public sewage system. The Filtrol is able to filter particles down to 1/256 inches or 100 microns.
  • I don't have a PayPal account, how do I complete my order?
    Although PayPal is our credit card processor, you DO NOT need to have or create a PayPal account to pay with a credit card. Once you click on the "Place Order" button after entering all of your shipping information, you will be directed to PayPal's website. Once there, you will be given the option to either login or below that is the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button. Click on this option to make payment with credit card.
  • Couldn’t find the answer to your question?
    Please contact us at 1-888-983-2447, or on live chat Mon-Friday 8:30am-3:00pm CST
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